Akina Hiizumi (比泉 秋名, Hiizumi Akina) is the director of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office and the successor of the Hiizumi Clan.

He is a main character in the Yozakura Quartet series.


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Akina is of average height with a thin build. He has short messy black hair that grows in length when use uses tuning. He has light skin with grey/blue eyes.

He is usually seen in his summer attire consisting of a white polo-shirt with another black polo-shirt over it. He wears black trousers with a blue strap on the side and plain black shoes. He wears two sweatband with two orange stripes with a black stripe between them

His winter attire consists of a yellow shirt with dark brown collars under an unzipped black long-sleeved vest. He wears a blue pants and a dark brown strap hanging to the side. He wears white sneakers.



Akina was raised by his grandfather Makiharu Hiizumi as a result of his parents being a part of the Lost Generation.

When Hime had her yōkai powers sealed leaving a large scare on her neck, Akina knitted a long scarf for her as a gift to hide it which she wears and cherishes still.

As a child he became friends with Hime, Ao, Gin, Kyosuke, Touka and Kotoha.

When Hime brought Kyosuke and Touka to live with her, Akina was the first person to come greet and befriend them.

Akina was present for when Machi Yarizakura was tuned by her grandfather and promised to protect Hime in her place. Akina worked with Gin in order to establish a connection Enyou Hiizumi's descendants and tuned him to the Otherworld. Akina and Ao were the only ones aware of Gin's purpose for leaving while other were told he left on a journey.



  • Tuning
  • 2008 anime only: Akina created a larger sphere and prepares to attack
  • 2008 anime

Tuning (調律, Chūningu): Akina's primary ability, the Hiizumi Clan power he inherited as Oyakume. It's primary function it to be able to send objects to the Otherworld. Akina is able to use tuning in order to remove incoming projectiles or parts of the environment to use to his advantage. If Akina uses tuning to much he begins to slip into the otherworld and requires contact with a being of the human world in order to counter the effects.

  • Partial Tuning: Partial tuning allows for Akina to exorcise fallen individuals without having to send them to the Otherworld.

Dropping: Though the power of the Hiizumi Clan was divided it was not fully separated. According to Enjin, the power still lies dormant within him. Akina has yet to show any use of this power.


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