Ao Nanami (七海 アオ, Nanami Ao) is a satori yōkai and resident of Sakurashinmachi. She works at the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office. She is the younger sister of Gin Nanami.

She is a main character in the Yozakura Quartet series.


Wiki - Ao Character Art

Ao is a short girl with a thin build. She has short blue chin-length hair with two "antennas" resembling cat ear atop her head. She has light skin with blue eyes.

Ao often wears a black hat toque that shapes around her cat ears. When not wanting to stand out as a youkai she wears a black Alice band to conceal her hears.

She is usually seen in summer clothes, a dark sleeveless minidress with a white collar and blue buttons with dark coloured boots.

Her winter clothes consist of a white long-sleeved minidress with a blue collar and white boots.





Satori Powers

  • Mind Reading: Being a Satori, Ao can read minds of humans and animals.
    • Ao Ability

      Ao using Satellite

      Satellite (広域読心, Sateraito): Ao is capable of reading the minds and broadcasting messages to large amounts of people within a certain area. Doing so is exhausts her more so than regular mind reading, requiring her to rest or eat before or after using it.
  • Mind Interference (精神干渉, Seishin kanshō): Ao is capable of telepathically interfering on a basic level, enough to stun Enjin for a short amount of time.


Kotoha Isone

Hime Yarizakura

Gin Nanami


  • Ao means blue in Japanese.


  1. Chapter 102


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