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Cherry Blossoms Bloom is the first episode of the anime Yozakura Quartet.


Due to a recent spree of attacks by an escaped criminal, Hime Yarizakura begins to investigate the occurrences with her assistant, Kyōsuke Kishi. She enlists the help of Akina Hiizumi, Ao Nanami, and Kotoha Isone, who are preparing to welcome a new yōkai resident, Rin Azuma, a Jiang Shi, into Sakurashin. That evening, Hime confronts the criminal, Kōsuke Yoshimura, who is holding Rin hostage, and Kosuke disappears when Hime attacks him. The following day, Kosuke holds V Juli F, a nurse, hostage, and demands that Hime comes to him. Hime does so and with Ao's, Kotoha's, and Kyōsuke's aid, they defeat Kosuke. Rin appears and holds Akina at gunpoint, revealing that Kosuke promised her revenge on the humans that abused her. Akina uses tuning to expel the yōkai from Kosuke's body, and when he offers to bring Rin to his office, she declines, claiming that she hates all humans.



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