Eiji Shinozuka (篠塚 英二, Shinozuka Eiji) is a hanyou who serves as the mayor's assistance to Kazuyoshi Morino.




Eiji was a former resident of Sakurashinmachi. As a child, Eiji fell and was saved by Makiharu Hiizumi. Eiji felt guilt over the trouble he caused as a child and wanted to leave the town. Machi showed Eiji over to a neighbouring town and introduced him to Kazuyoshi Morino, an upcoming mayoral candidate. Eiji stayed in the neighbouring town and eventually became Kazuyoshi's mayoral assistant.


2008 Anime

In the 2008 adaptation of the series, Eiji Shinozuka serves Enjin Hiizumi.

Hana no Uta

Shinozuka'a origins and alliance follows that of the manga.


In both the original anime adaption and Hana no Uta, Shinozuka is seen to have greatly enhanced strength and speed, being able to easily lift a moped with a single hand and dodge Kotoha's machine gun barrage. In Hana no Uta, Shinozuka eyebrows and hair glow pink when he uses his enhanced speed.

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