Enjin Hiizumi (比泉円神, Hiizumi Enjin) claims to be is a descendant of Enyou Hiizumi who was tuned by Akina Hiizumi's ancestor Oushyuu Hiizumi. Enjin took control Gin Nanami's body and returned to Sakurashinmachi to seek revenge by causing the blooming of the Nanagou.

He is the main antagonist of Yozakura Quartet.


Wiki - Enjin Character Art

While his true form in unknown, Enjin takes on the body of Gin Nanami. He is identical to Gin, being 179cm tall, with long blue hair and antennas resembling cat ears on his head.

Enjin wears a long black coat with a large white fur collar, fur cuffs and fur at the bottom of his coat. Enjin wears glasses, the most noticeable detail differentiating him from Gin.



While Enjin claims to be a descendant of Enyou Hiizumi, a family tree found in the Nanagou states otherwise, claiming Enyou's line died out with no record of Enjin.






Satori Powers:

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