Enyou Hiizumi (比泉 円陽, Hiizumi Enyō) was a member of the Hiizumi branch family tuned by Oushyuu Hiizumi.



According to Enjin Hiizumi, Enyou had sent the Nanagou as a form of resentment, to take revenge by fusing the two worlds together, suggesting he held a deep hatred for the Head Family.


Enyou was the son of Enjou Hiizumi making and a part of the Hiizumi Clan Branch Family. He was married to a woman named Setsu and had three children. Engen, Enkai and Ensa. Enyou and his family were forcibly tuned by Oushyuu Hiizumi, sending them to the Other World. Enyou and his family sent back their coffins in to the human world in the form of the Nanagou. Within one of the coffins, Enyou left a handprint-signed message stating his family had died out, along with a family tree.

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