Why is it that you are the "head family" while I'm the "branch family"? It's simple. The power to bring things back is not necessary in this world. You could even say it's been detested.

Enjin Hiizumi, Chapter 49

Falling (堕とす(おとす), Otosu) or Dropping is the ability to summon from the Other World. It is the ability inherited by Enyou Hiizumi's branch of the Hiizumi clan. The phenomenon is also seen to occur naturally since the emergence of the Nanagou. It is the opposite of tuning.

People who become possessed by souls falling from the other world they become known as fallen.




Known User

List of Fallen Individuals

Image Name Status
Kōsuke Yoshimura Reverted
Fallen Silver Anime

Second Fall

Silver Tuned by Akina Hiizumi
  • Second Fall
Numerous Goldfish (Anime Only) Reverted
Fallen Kotoha
Kotoha Isone Exorcised by Makiharu Hiizumi
Eiji Shinozuka Exorcised by Makiharu Hiizumi
  • Second Fall
Numerous Lizards Exorcised by Akina Hiizumi
  • Second Fall
Zakuro Kurumaki Exorcised by Akina Hiizumi
Fallen Nana
Nana Exorcised by Yūhi Shinatsuhiko
Fallen Akane
Akane Exorcised by Yūhi Shinatsuhiko
Okami-San Fallen
Okami-san Exorcised by Makiharu Hiizumi
Fallen Bear Killed and eaten by Rokkaku
Fallen Rokkaku
Rokkaku Exorcised by Yūhi Shinatsuhiko
Fallen OniKiller
Doujigiri Yasutsuna Exorcised by Akina Hiizumi
Fallen Hifumi
Hifumi Exorcised by Akina Hiizumi

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