Gin Nanami (七海 ギン, Nanami Gin) was the brother of Ao Nanami. His body was taken over by Enjin Hiizumi.


Gin Nanami is a young man. He is very tall with a slim build of body. He has chin length silver hair with two "antennas" that resemble cat ears, and gray eyes.


Not much is revealed to readers/viewers. He seems to have had wisdom from a young age, and to wish his friends get along with each other, if some misunderstanding arises. He is kind and a good person who actively makes an effort to do good for others and to improve others' lives. He's very courageous and his heart is full of hope and faith, wanting to be part of something bigger than himself and willing to self-sacrifice to save the population of the city.

He has a very close and good relationship with his younger sister, Ao.