Even though a god does nothing, he is high-and-mighty and therefore, he is a god.

Yūhi Shinatsuhiko, Chapter 28

Gods (神, Kami) are immortal beings residing in the human world.


Month of Gods

The Month of Gods (神無月, Kan'na dzuki) is an event which occurs in October, in which gods across Japan gather at Izumo. During this period of time, the areas they watch over will be left unprotected.

Powers and Abilities

Immortality: Gods do not age and are nearly invulnerable to any attacks. Weapons such as blades shown unable to be unable to pierce a gods skin.

Prediction: Gods known everything about there world and as such are able to accurately predict future.


As land gods Yuhi and Yae Shinastuhiko were weakened when not rooted to a certain area. Land gods are also bound to their town and unable to leave unless they assume a weakened form.

Known Members

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