Hello Hello is a single released by Atsushi Suemitsu (末光篤, Suemitsu Atsushi) also known as SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH. The song is used for the ending theme for Yozakura Quartet ~Hoshi no Umi~. Hello Hello Ballade Version was used for the Yozakura Quartet ~Hoshi no Umi~ Episode 3.


Rin Azuma walks in place carrying her deliver case, on an empty screen with changing images of real life Sakurashinmachi. Rin stops to down a street during one images and nearly falls over from the weight of her delivery. The image changes and she continues walking in place. She sits down on her case kicking her legs around. The scene changes to a close up of Rin and a sunny background. Rays of light catch Rin's attention causing he to look up. The camera pans over to across the blue sky to a overview image of a real life city. Two real life frames are shown for a breif moment of a water gun on the ground, and the top of a slide. Sakura petals burst and the scene transitions back to Rin, now running as images change in the background. The last image eventually widens across the screen with Rin following it running of screen. Rin is shown running up to the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office with her delivery. The scene changes to a blurred background where Rin appears from the bottom of the scene picking up a bowl and smiling. A shot of the inside of the bowl reveals the message written in hiragana. A singe sakura petal falls into the center of the and the scene trasitions to a blank white screen.


隙間なく並んだ感情 洗いざらい話して
君を見つめてる 愛し合おうよ

にべもなく長い時間を長く地団駄踏んだ 運命を探して
揺るぎない強い自信に 思い違いも足して
君を信じてる 愛し合おうよ


Hello hello 生まれて来る前にひとは誰かと
Hello hello 待ち合わせをして生まれて来た


Hello hello 生まれて来る前にひとは誰かと
Hello hello 待ち合わせをして生まれて来た

夢を見すぎてて ほら 寝坊した君のこと

恋に恋をして まだ 寝ぼけてる君のこと

Hello hello 生まれて来る前にひとは誰かと
Hello hello 待ち合わせをして生まれて来た


Love love love…

Nibe mo naku haran de banjou no maijikan to maifun
Maibyou no sanaka de
Sukima naku naran da kanjou arai zarai hanashite
Kimi wo mitsumeteru itoshi ao uyo

Nibe mo naku nagai jikan wo nagaku chi dan da
Fun da unmei wo sagashite
Yuru ginai tsuyoi jishin ni omoi chigai mo tashite
Kimi wo shinjiteru itoshi ao uyo

Yatto deaeta megami yo

Hello, hello
Umare te kuru mae ni hito wa dareka to
Hello, hello
Machiawase wo shite umarete kita

Dou ka kono mama
Ten ni mi wo makasete
Kitto kono koi ga saigo da to

Hello, hello
Umarete kuru mae ni hito wa dareka to
Hello, hello
Machiawase wo shite umarete kita

Yume wo misu gitete hora
Nebou shita kimi no koto
Zutto zutto machiboukete
Kyou made hitori ikite kita

Koi ni koi wo shite mada ne
Boketeru kimi no koto
Chikoku shite kita kedo
Kimi nara yurusu kakugo sa

Hello, hello
Umarete kuru mae ni hito wa dareka to
Hello, hello
Machiawase wo shite umarete kita

Unmei nantenai sekai de
Eien nantenai sekai de

Love, love, love...

Official Music Video

【MV】Hello Hello - 末光篤 a.k.a04:57

【MV】Hello Hello - 末光篤 a.k.a. SUEMITSU & THE SUEMITH

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