Aah so cute... and delicious...

Ao Nanami describing Hidagyu, Chapter 2

Hidagyu (ヒダギュウ, Hidagyuu) is a popular reoccurring mascot character from Rocket Monsters, a fictional series within the Yozakura Quartet universe.


Hidagyu is a super deformed bipedal brown cow with small horns and plain circular white eyes. It has a nose ring and is usually seen in a apron.


During Juli, Nadeshiko Matsudaira and Noriko Shiina's time in high school, Julie attempted to perform a magic card trick to trick Noriko into participating in an exchange diary. Noriko picked a joker card which had Hidagyu on it.

Believing it to be popular, Junta's father promised to get him a Hidagyu plush as a reward for being to bounce a soccer ball twenty times in the air.


While watching television, Ao Nanami sees Hidagyu explains to Akina Hiizumi what it is. Junta's father brings him a Hidagyu plush as a present after being recalled from a job transfer.

In the Hana no Uta Anime, Lila disguised as a child named Lily uses two Hidagyu plushes as dummies disguised as her fake parents. In this adaptation a drunk Hidagyu is present at Kohime Sakurano's party.

When meeting Enjin Hiizumi atop the Nanagou, Lila uses an animated Hidagyu plush and makes it monologue about destroying the world, mocking Enjin. The Hidagyu plush then begins playing with another Hidagyu plush.

After Lila's attack, Mizuki, Midoriko Amano and Sawaki talk about being unable to remember the events from the night before. Sawaki asks Midoriko about her course choice documents but Midoriko finds that she is not even carrying her bag with her but instead a Hidagyu plush for unknown reasons.

A Hidagyu plush with a black spotted variant are seen in Ao's room on a shelf above her bed, while Ao undresses her Hidagyu themed pyjamas.

After cleaning the public pool, Kotoha Isone uses her Kotodama to create various inflatable pool toys, one of which is a large Hidagyu.

Hidagyuu Knight

When the Senate library becomes under attack by Hifumi, Lila creates a large Hidagyu equipped with a shield and knight armour, to protect Kotoha from an attack. When Hifumi chases Midoriko disguised as Kotoha through the streets, Midoriko is knocked into a Hidagyu statue, destroying it.