In Front Of You is the eleventh episode of the anime Yozakura Quartet.


Ao and Kotoha take a car and begin to search for the source of the yōkai energy that causes the Seven Pillars to grow, and Akina and Kyōsuke fight the yōkai appearing in the city. Hime attempts to leave the hospital to help, but Juli refuses to allow her to leave, citing her injuries. When she awakens later, Jinroku, an elderly citizen, gives her the head of the previous generation's Dragon Spear. As she leaves the hospital, she finds several townspeople who tell her that they want to fight the invading yōkai to save the town. Ao and Kotoha are nearly overwhelmed by the yōkai shadows appearing around them, but Yae saves them. Akina and Kyōsuke encounter Shinozuka and begin to fight him, and they are picked up by Ao and Kotoha, who reveal that the source of the yōkai energy is the tower in the center of the town. Kotoha conjures a railroad gun to attack the tower. Enjin goes to one of the Seven Pillars and forces it to bloom.



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