Jiiya (じいや, Ji iya) is butler working for Iruka Kujouin's family.


Jiiya is a thin elderly man with light hair combed to the side and a moustache. He has a mole beneath his left eye. He wears a dark suit with a bowtie.


Jiiya is loyal and dedicated to his job as seen with his persistence in when trying to escort Iruka to and from school.


Oni Tale

After Doujigiri Yasutsuna is tuned of its corruption, Jiiya drops Iruka off at Hime's residence.


Jiiya arrives to escort Iruka to school despite Iruka having told him not to. Jiiya tells Iruka that he does not that he will be scolded by Iruka's father. Iruka tells Jiiya she is taking the train to which Jiiya responds that she will see her after school to which Iruka pleads him not to. Jiiya arrives to pick up Iruka after school much to her annoyance. The next day Jiiya arrives at the Hime residence escorting Iruka's father. Jiiya informs Hime that today would be his last day of escorting Iruka.

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