Junta (ジユンタ, Jiyunta) is a young boy who lives in Sakurashinmachi.


Junta is short with light coloured skin. He has short spiky hair and brown eyes.


Junta a has an active personality, enjoying participating in activities such as singing and soccer. Junta, along with many other townspeople sent Hime a gift when she was hospitalized, to cheer her on.

He has a close relationship with his father and is depressed when he believes he is longer able to see him.


Junta has competed with Kotoha Isone in the finals of the town karaoke tournament. Before his fathers job transfer, his father made a promise that if he could kick his ball in the air twenty times consecutively that he would receive a Hidagyu toy.


Hime plans for Junta to be the main singer for a cd release of their town song but find that he his depressed. Ao attempts to converse with Junta and cheer him up but fails to do so. Ao is able to uncover the source of Junta's depression and has Hime arrange for his father to return home from his work transfer. Junta is overjoyed to be reunited with his father and is relieved of his depression.

Junta and his grandmother arrive to Akina's pool party, overhearing Kotoha drunkingly sing karaoke.

Junta sends Hime a recording of himself singing the town song, when she is hospitalized during Kazuyoshi Morino's kidnapping of Kohime Sakurano.

During Zakuro Kurumaki's kidnapping of Rin, Junta and his grandmother run encounter Hime and Kyosuke buying food. Hime shares half of her mochi with Junta, but is left still hungry as a result.