Kōsuke Yoshimura (四志村 高助, Yoshimura Kōsuke) is a minor antagonist introduced at the start of the series.


Kōsuke is a man with long white hair and light skin.

He wore a white trench-coat over a black dress shirt and black pants.


Kōsuke is sadistic and enjoys invoking fear into others. He has a preference for shooting firearms.


Kōsuke was imprisoned for two years for shooting and wounding thirteen people. He got out by jumping over the prison wall.


Recently escaped from prison, Kōsuke had been rampaging the town, threatening girls in the process, when he finally ends up taking V Juli F as a hostage on live television. The Hiizumi Life Counseling Office take action and confront him. Juli is able to escape and the group lure Kōsuke to an area with no citizens, using Ao's power. Kōsuke starts shooting at them, but Hime is able to deflect all of the bullets. Hime kicks the gun out of Kōsuke's hands and he pulls out more guns. Kotoha then freezes all of them and summons guns to fire at him. He survives and takes Ao hostage. Akina then frightens him, causing him to loose his grip on the hostage. Ao headbutts him and the spirit leaves his body.


Guns: Kōsuke is shown to carry a wide array of firearms including multiple pistols, a submachine gun and a shotgun.


Enhanced Jumping Capabilities: When possessed, Kōsuke was able to leap over a prison wall.