Kana Tatebayashi (館林 火奈, Tatebayashi Kana) is half-mermaid half-vampire yōkai child living in Sakurashinmachi. She is the twin sister of Mina Tatebayashi and their guardian is Shidō Mizuki.


She is wearing a red jacket. She has red eyes and brown hair.



Kana along with her twin sister Mina were born to a vampire police officer and a mermaid. Shortly after they were born, both parents died in an incident, leaving them in the care of Shidō Mizuki who feels guilt over not being able to protect their parents.



Blood Induced Growth: Due to her vampire half being more prominent, exposure to blood will cause Kana to grow, giving her the appearance of a teenager or young adult. The blood does not have to be directly consumed and can be triggered by exposure to blood through skin. This is not limited to human or yōkai blood as it can also be triggered animal blood, such as duck's blood in food.

Enhanced Endurance: Due to her vampiric and mermaid origins, Kana is able to survive incidents which would kill regular humans.

Accelerated Healing: Kana is shown to recover from injuries inflicted by Touka quickly possibly due to her vampiric and mermaid origins.

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