Kazuyoshi Morino (森野 和義, Morino Kazuyoshi) is the mayor of a neighbouring town.


Kazuyoshi is a middle aged man with a slightly overweight build. He has balding black hair and light skin with visible wrinkles.

He is usually seen wearing a dress suit with a tie.



Kazuyoshi was taught how to act as mayor by Machi Yarizakura.

After, Eiji Shinozuka fell and was exorcised, he expressed desire to move out of Sakurashinmachi. Machi introduced Eiji to Kazuyoshi and welcomed him to his town. Eiji noted that he had not been elected mayor yet, despite referring to it as his town but Kazuyoshi assured him that he would be elected soon.

Kazuyoshi was eventually elected mayor of the town and Eiji his mayoral assistant.



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