Kotoha Isone (五十音 ことは, Isone Kotoha) is a hanyou Kotodama-user. She is a resident of Sakurashinmachi and vice-director the Hiizumi Life Counselling Office. She is a highschool student attending a school outside of town.

She is a main character in the Yozakura Quartet series.


Wiki - Kotoha Character Art

Kotoha is very tall. She has brown, long hair that she keeps in two ponytails, kept in two white and orange striped bands. The front of her hair is parted to the left. Her eyes are brown-colored with a gold line and she wears glasses. She has very large breasts.

She usually wears her summer school uniform, consisting of a white short-sleeved sailor-shirt with black lines and collar, a short black skirt and a red tie.

Her winter uniform consist of a green sweater with a white line in the middle. It is zipped until over her breasts. She also wears a long, purple skirt with buttons on the sides, but she keeps it unbuttoned at about the half of her thighs. Under her skirt, she has black leggings and brown, high shoes.



As a child Kotoha was shy and spent most of her time reading books, imagining the characters in the stories to be her friends. She would often visit Makiharu Hiizumi where he would let her read books in the cellar of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office.

When Kotoha fell, she caused a lot of damage before being partially-tuned by Makiharu with the help of Usuzumi Iyo and Jinroku Yotsuya. Kyosuke was injured during the encounter, breaking his glasses resulting Touka resenting Kotoha. Hime became upset over their relationship resulting in Kyosuke telling Touka that he was going to get new glasses anyways and telling her Kotoha was not to blame for herself falling and injuring him. Ao then invited Kotoha to play with the rest of the group and they became friends.

As a child, she decided that she wanted to learn another language, and chose English. 



Yōkai Detection: As a hanyou, Kotoha is able to differentiate yōkai and humans. Kotoha is able to detect other hanyou within a general area, though not being able to pinpoint the exact target as seen with Doujigiri Yasutsuna and Iruka Kujouin, where she was unable to identify the blade as a hanyou separate from Iruka who is human.


Kotoha Abilitie

Kotoha using her Kotodama ability

Kotodama (言霊, Kotodama): Kotoha's hanyou ability, allowing her to manifest various items and forces through the power of speech. Kotodama is performed by inciting words and poking her tongue out. Using Kotodama results in a slight release of energy and can tire Kotoha out if overused in a short period of time. Simple concepts and items can be manifested through a single world. More complicated items require an incantation describing the material and function of the item.
  • Shortcut (ショートカット, Shōtokatto): Kotoha is capable of storing more complicated items as dictionary entries, by reciting an incantation or licking the object the desired object to remember its taste. This allows her to create complicated items without having to perform a long incatation.
    • Stored Items
      • Bandaid
      • Microphone
      • Grenade
      • German Army FLAK 36 88 mm Cannon
  • Folklore (フォークロア, Fōkuroa): Folklore allows Kotoha to summon various fictional items and characters she is familiar with.


Ao Nanami

Hime Yarizakura

Akina Hiizumi

Touka Kishi



Hiizumi Life Counselling Office
Akina Hiizumi · Hime Yarizakura · Kotoha Isone · Ao Nanami · Touka Kishi · Kyosuke Kishi

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