Lucy Rang Miraclouse (ルーシー・ラング・ミラクラウス, Rūshī Rangu mirakurausu) is a kotodama using yōkai and member of the Senate.


Lucy appears to be an elderly woman though in actuality she is much younger. She has grey hair with the top tied back with a braid. She has dark eyeshadows and wears a monocle on her right eye.

She wears a dress with a frilled collar and a large belt.



Lucy came to Japan from the United Kingdom to join the Senate at the same time as Shidare Morioka and Uzu Kibune. She thanked Mariabell for her father's work in the field of yōkai medicine, attributing it as the reason she chose her career path. She would spend much time with Shidare, to the point where Uzu suggested they marry. Lucy volunteered for Shidare's first live test of the Zero-gou, being the perfect candidate as a healthy, young individual with high levels of yōkai power and the mental strength to endure. Lucy told Shidare not to open the doors until he believed it was necessary. Usuzumi put a halt to the test when it appeared to be going out of control. Lucy emerged from the Zero-gou having drastically aged, though was only concerned with Shidare acquiring the needed data to complete the Zero-gou, which he succeeded.

After the experiment, Lucy resigned herself to the Senate's library and would spend her time organizing books. Usuzumi came to Lucy to gain her approval of Shidare's operation plan for activating, which she approved. After activating the Zero-gou, numerous yōkai were brought to the Senate by the police, for examination to ensure it had no adverse effects on them. One of the yōkai, Ao Nanami was crying. Lucy used her Kotodama to create a hat for Ao to prevent her from unconsciously reading others minds and told her not to become reliant on her satori powers. Ao was amazed by Lucy's ability and promised to become friends with other Kotodama users if she ever met one. Lucy chastised Takao Takemura for scaring her and would go tell the Senate to pick up the children themselves.



Kotodama (言霊, Kotodama):