Mariabell (マリアベル, Mariaberu) is an immortal human and the assistant of the God Yūhi Shinatsuhiko. She is the daughter of V Calvani F.


Mariabell has blonde hair and blue eyes. Always seen in cosplay costumes, and never really show any expression.



Before moving to Japan, Mariabell worked as a nun in her village. An epidemic swept through her village, killing her. Mariabell had her father Calvani operate on her to create an antibody vaccine for the plague. Calvani succeeded and was able to save the inhabitants of the village including her little brother. As a result of Calvani's experimentation, Mariabell was resurrected as an undead human.

With Calvani aging, and her little brother refusing to tamper with Mariabell's body to keep her living forever, Mariabell and her father travelled Japan in search for a member of the Hiizumi Clan to tune Mariabell before she dies.

During their travels, Maribell and Calvani were saved by Yuhi and Yae Shinatsuhiko from a group of pursuers. Yuhi and Yae escorted the two to their destination where they met Chiaki Hiizumi along the way. Upon arriving in Sakurashinmachi, the group discovered Chiaki's refusal to use tuning. That night, Maribell spoke with Yuhi about their pasts and Yuhi revealed himself to be a god. Their conversation is interrupted by Akane who kidnaps Mariabell and eventually capturing the others as well. During a struggle with Akane, Yuhi makes Mariabell an offer to continue living with him. Mariabell accepts the offer, restoring Yuhi's god powers and becoming Mariabell's guardian god. Yuhi used his powers to exorcise Akane, brining an end to the conflict. During the aftermath of the events, Yuhi created a nurse outfit for Akane who had offered to help Calvani run a yōkai clinic. While Akane detested the outfit, Mariabell was fond of it and Akane allowed her to keep it. Mariabell would later pass the outfit down to her descendants who became youkai doctors in the town. Mariabell gave her old nun uniform to Yae who was infatuated with it.



Enhanced Strength: Mariabell strength capable of allowing her to uproot a large tree and swing it.

Immortality: Mariabell does not age as long as her contract with Yuhi is active.