Midoriko Amano (天野 緑子, Amano Midoriko) is a tanuki yōkai and classmate of Hime Yarizakura. She works as a delivery girl for her family's liquor store.


Midoriko is a girl of average height and slim build with large breasts. She has long messy green hair with a notable lump of hair of sticking out of her forehead. She is usually portrayed with green eyes in various illustrations, while in the anime she has purple eyes.

She is usually seen in her school uniform, a yellow vest over a white shirt with a green bowtie and a grey skirt.

In her tanuki form she grows two small circular furry ears on her head and a large furry tail.





Enhanced Physical Strength: As a yokai, Midoriko possess enhanced physical strength surpassing that of humans. She is shown to be able to help Hime push a large vehicle up a steep road with ease.

Disguises: As a tanuki, Midoriko is able to take on the appearances of others, altering her physical appears including her clothes.


Hime Yarizakura



Uzu Kibune


  • Midoriko means green child in Japanese.

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