Okami-san (おかみさん, Okamisan) is used to refer to one of Rin Azuma's guardian. She is a kitsune yōkai married to Oyassan and together they run Hou Houran.




Okami-san was a fallen yōkai that appeared in Sakurashinmachi, wreaking havoc. With the help of Machi, Usuzumi and Jinroku, Makiharu was able to exorcise her. Makiharu sent Okami-san to live at Hou Houran with Oyassan and his father. Okami-san and Oyassan would eventually get married and take proprietorship of the restaurant.

Hime assigned Rin Azuma to live with them when she arrived in town, where the Okami-san and Oyassan gladly welcomed Rin into their home.




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