Rin Azuma (東 鈴, Azuma Rin) is a resident of Sakurashin Town and a jiangshi yōkai. She works at Hou Houran where she lives with Okami-san and Oyassan.


Rin Character Art

Rin is a short girl with a thin build. She has yellow-green eyes and short brown hair extending slightly past her jaw. She has light skin with many visible scars across her back, legs and arms.[1]

While on deliveries she is seen wearing a frilled pink hat, white knee high socks a frilled pink dress with long sleeves to cover her scars. Her school apparel consist of a black long sleeved shirt over her standard school uniform, a skirt and black leggings. She wears a name tag in the shape of a red flower that acts as her talisman.



Prior to moving Sakurashinmachi, Rin spent her time running away from yōkai hating humans who chased her and inflicted numerous scars on her.[2] Durning these times she would develop a fear of starry skies since she spent most of her nights outside unable to sleep. Eventually Rin met Zakuro Kurumaki who offered to let Rin live with her. They lived together in an isolated house in the forest where Rin would learn to cook from Zakuro and the two would develop a close relationship. One day while picking flowers in a field, Zakuro fell, becoming violent and possessive. Rin would eventually run away from Zakuro.[3]

Two years ago Yūhi Shinatsuhiko introduced her to Hime Yarizakura to become a resident of Sakurashinmachi.[4] Hime assigned Rin to work and live with Okami-san and Oyassan at Hou Houran.[3] Though initially scared of her new environment, she would eventually make friends begin to enjoy living Sakurashinmachi.




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