Rokkaku (六角, Rokkaku) is the third yōkai hunter to attack Sakurashin Town. Under the influence of Enjin Hiizumi, he attacks and attempts to devour Kana Tatebayashi and Mina Tatebayashi, in order to obtain immortality. After being defeated and purified he now serves as a police dog.


Rokkaku in his wolf form appears as a wolf with pitch black fur and yellow eyes. In his human form, he appears as a male who has straight white hair and yellow eyes who's wearing a black sweatshirt which has no sleeves and has a white stripe on it which has a black stripe in it right below the hood of it. He also wears a pair of black jeans and white cuffs around both of his arms.

Wiki - Rokkaku Cleaned
After being purified and bathed, his canine form bears white fur matching his hair in human form, suggesting that his previous black coat was caused by dirt. His human form remains, though he spends most of his time in his wolf form.


While fallen, he was violent, almost feral, and enjoyed the destruction and terror he caused, embodying the darkest stereotypes of a predator gone wild.

After being purified, Rokkaku acts as an obedient and loyal guard, quick to respond when his allies are in danger.


He was a wolf until he fell becoming a Hanyou with power of werewolves.



Shadow Travel: He has been shown with the ability to travel through shadows. Such as appearing in people shadows, allowing him to move quickly and dodge attacks.

Shadow Mimicry: He can turn into a a shadow allowing him to change his shape and dodge attacks.

Enhanced Sensory Abilities: He is able to sense within an area of 100 metres.

  • Shadow Sense: He is able to sense anything moving in the shadows, especially shadows cast by the moonlight.
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell: As a werewolf, he has an good sense of smell like a wolf or a dog.
  • Bloodlust Detection: He is able to sense people's intent to kill which allowed him to easily dodge bullets.

Enhanced Reflexes: He is able to dodge bullets with ease and was able to catch a sniper bullet with his teeth despite not sensing it.

Moonlight Empowerment: The moonlight boost his sensory abilities and his physical abilities to its limit.

Enhanced Durability: He is able to withstand large amount of attacks including attacks done by silver his weakness.

Enhanced Strength: Rokkaku is able to punch with enough force to create craters and punch dents in walls.

Enhanced Speed & Agility: He is shown to be able to move extremely fast from one place to another. He is able to extremely jump high distances up in the air and move from building to building.