People go about their lives as science keeps pulling the wool over their eyes.

—Shidare Morioka, Chapter 46

Shidare Morioka (盛岡 枝垂, Morioka Shidare) is a member of the Senate and specialist in Onmyōdō. He is affiliated with Enjin Hiizumi.


Shidare is a tall man with a lean build and light skin. He has messy black hair with some chin stubble.

He is usually seen wearing a robe with the senate large logo on its back and small logo on the right, with a buttoned shirt beneath.



Prior to joining the Senate, Shidare was a police inspector and university professor. During his time as an inspector, he and Shidou Mizuki helped each other a lot.

Shidare joined the Senate with Uzu Kibune at the same time as Lucy Rang Miraclouse, with his reason for joining, to chase after a friend who had joined the Senate. During their early days at the Senate, Shidare and Lucy would spend a lot of time together. When asked by Uzu if he was not going to marry Lucy, Shidare stated he would consider it after the completion of the Zero-gou. Shidare conducted the first trial of the Zero-gou, using Lucy as their test subject. Lucy told Shidare not to release her from the experiment until he saw fit, which he agreed. During the experiment, the Zero-gou began lose control and Uzu urged Shidare to halt the experiment, which he refused. Uzu punched Shidare in the face and Usuzumi initiated the emergency ejection. Lucy emerged from the Zero-gou having drastically age. When confronted by Lucy, she stated she was not concerned with what happened so long as Shidare acquired the necessary data from the experiment. With the data from the test, Shidare devised the operation plan for the Zero-gou.

Shidare oversaw Akina's father entering the Zero-gou and prevented Usuzumi and Makiharu from interfering with their sons entering. When Akina's father asked what he was going to do about Lucy, Shidare promised he would tell them after the got out.

For a time, Shidare retained his job as a professor after joining the Senate and served as a special lecturer for Juli Nadeshiko and Noriko Shiina's first day at university. Upon seeing Shidare, Noriko immediately became infatuated and decided to study science to join the Senate. Shidare would go on to have both Noriko and Juli as his students.





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