Shidou Mizuki (観月 獅堂, Mizuki Shidō) is a werewolf yōkai and member of Nadeshiko Matsudaira's police division. He is the guardian of Kana and Mina Tatebayashi.



As a child, Shidou lived on his own until wandering into Sakurashinmachi. He was eventually found by a vampire police officer who invited him to live with him and his wife. The yōkai couple raised Shidou and as he grew older he decided to become a police officer as well. Shidou attended school with V Juli F, Nadeshiko Matsudaira and Noriko Shiina. Some time after becoming a police officer, the wife gave birth to a pair of twins, Mina and Kana Tatebayashi. Shortly after the twins were born, the father and mother were killed in an incident with a violent yōkai. Shidou was present at the time and blamed himself for not being able to protect them. Shidou would go on to raise the twins himself, along with support from Nadeshiko and the rest of her police department.



  • Enhanced Strength: Shidou possess enhanced strength, easily being able to hold up a light post with a single arm and create large craters with a single punch. Eiji Shinozuka considered him to be the strongest in town.


Nadeshiko Matsudaira

Mina Tatebayashi

Kana Tatebayashi