Silver (シルバ, Shiruba) is stray dog that Hime took under her care.


Silver Manga Transformed

Silver originally appeared as a corgi with light fur, wearing a collar with Hime's amulet on it.

When fallen twice, Silver became a large, dark canine-like monster with claws and an elongated face. In the anime he was portrayed as being white.


Silver often behaved in rambunctious manner, creating messes at the office. Silver grew attached to Hime and would become jealous when Hime directed her affection towards Akina.


Silver was taken to the police by Enjin Hiizumi and ended up in the care of Hime Yarizakura. Hime gave Silver an amulet from her grandmother which was part of a twin set, the other Hime wore for herself.


Hime begins to spoil Silver, making him fairly fat and ignoring its misbehaviour. Silver bites Akina, prompting Hime to slap and scold him. Silver leaves in the rain and re-encounters Enjin who causes him to fall.

Fallen Silver Anime

Akina, Hime, Ao and Kotoha find the fallen Silver who begins to attack them. During their battle Enjin uses falling on Silver again, transforming Silver into a large monstrous beast. The group defeat Silver who is then tuned completely by Akina.


Enhanced Speed: Once fallen, Silver gained an enormous increase in speed, being able to outpace Hime's reaction time.

Enhanced Strength: When fallen for a second time, Silver gains a monstrous body and increase in strength.