Takao Takemura (武村 高雄, Takemura Takao) is a human and general manager of Nadeshiko Matsudaira's Yōkai Strategic Department.


Takao is a bald man with a black goatee and tan skin.

His uniform consist of a black trenchcoat over his long-sleeved dress shirt. He is often seen wearing is sunglasses.



After the activation of the Zero-gou, Takao was responsible for bringing yōkai children to the Senate for checkups. Along the way he somehow managed to cause Ao Nanami to cry. Lucy arrived and cheered Ao up by creating her a hat before chastising Takao for making her cry. Lucy criticized his sunglasses which he had custom made.

Takao along with the rest of Nadeshiko's police force helped Shidō Mizuki to raise Mina and Kana Tatebayashi after their parents died.



Expert Swordsman: Takao is shown to be able to best Iruka Kujouin in a sword duel.



Police Cameo

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