Tomoe (巴, Tomoe) is a god who runs a Mountain Pass Resort outside of Sakurashinmachi. She is friends with Yae Shinatsuhiko.


Tomoe has light skin and red eyes with thick eyelashes. Her hair is light blonde with a large curl at the centre of her forehead and a pair canine ears at the top of her head. She has a large tail the same colour as her hair. She appears to be wearing a gold coloured kimono with a black obi that has a black leaf on it.

In her adult form she appears tall with her height surpassing Kyōsuke Kishi. In her child form appears to be a similar height of Yae Shinatsuhiko's child form.


Tomoe, through her life choices that led her to become a goddess, represents the high values of patience, resilience, fortitude and loyalty. The concept of loyalty lives in Japanese imaginery, for instance in the Bushido code, as the seventh virtue.

There are characteristics of her that derive from her canine origins, such as the referred loyalty, others that derive from her own good character, and others from her anthropomorphic woman side.

She is very kind, loves humans and preserves a certain kind of servitude to them, now transfigured in the job in the inn. She's very discreet at first and doesn't like in a first impression to bring attention to her - at least it seems that she likes to appear as ordinary and simple as she could possibly appear in front of her guests in a first impression.

Her different views on the interference that a god should have towards human matters, makes her shock a bit with Yuhi.

She likes to play sports, such as table tennis and sword fighting and has a competitive side to her, but only reveals herself when she finds an opponent proved challenging to her.

Although she is very kind to humans, and serves them, she nevertheless never looses her composure as a dog would do, and maintains a woman composure. As a grown woman she is comfortable with her sensuality and isn't afraid of being flirtatious with whom she might have a crush with, but imposing very directly her own boundaries.


Tomoe was originally a dog who became a god in order fulfill the promises she made with others to live and have continue having fun with them in the future. She was present for when Oushyuu Hiizumi tuned the Hiizumi branch family and himself.

Tomoe reduced amount of trouble causing yōkai passing through Mt.Hakone. At some point in time she met Yae Shinatsuhiko and became friends.




Yae Shinatsuhiko

Kyosuke Kishi