Tomoe (巴, Tomoe) is a god who runs a Mountain Pass Resort outside of Sakurashinmachi. She is friends with Yae Shinatsuhiko.


Tomoe has light skin and red eyes with thick eyelashes. Her hair is light blonde with a large curl at the centre of her forehead and a pair canine ears at the top of her head. She has a large tail the same colour as her hair. She appears to be wearing a gold coloured kimono with a black obi that has a black leaf on it.

In her adult form she appears tall with her height surpassing Kyōsuke Kishi. In her child form appears to be a similar height of Yae Shinatsuhiko's child form.



Tomoe was originally a dog who became a god in order fulfill the promises she made with others to live and have continue having fun with them in the future. She was present for when Oushyuu Hiizumi tuned the Hiizumi branch family and himself.

Tomoe reduced amount of trouble causing yōkai passing through Mt.Hakone. At some point in time she met Yae Shinatsuhiko and became friends.




Yae Shinatsuhiko

Kyosuke Kishi


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