Uzu Kibune (貴舟 雲珠, Kibune Uzu) is the vice-principle of Hime Yarizakura's school and a member of the Senate.


Uzu appears to be a tall built man. He is bald with a small scar on the right side of his forehead and wears rectangular glasses.

He often wears a white suite with a dress shirt beneath it. When working as a member of the Senate, he wears a robe with the senate logo on its back and left of his chest over his typical attire.



Uze joined the Senate with Shidare Morioka at the same time as Lucy Rang Miraclouse. Uzu asked Shidare if he and Lucy were going to marry, given their relationship. Shidare told Uzu he would consider it after the completion of the Zero-gou, surprising Uzu and informing him of the first trial run of the experiment. During the experiment, the Zero-gou began to lose control and Uzu urged Shidare to halt the experiment. Shidare refused, and Uzu punched Shidare in the face. Usuzumi put a stop to the experiment, and Lucy emerged from the Zero-gou having drastically aged. Uzu is shocked by Lucy when she shows no concern for what happened to her as long as they acquired the necessary data. Uzu speaks with Lucy in the library stricken with grief of what had happened. Uzu and Shidare complete the entry of the subjects of the Zero-gou.



Onmyōdō: Uzu is an skilled onmyoudou.