Yu-Hi Shinatsuhiko (士夏彦 雄飛, Shinatsuhiko Yūhi) is a God that resides in Sakurashinmachi. He is Mariabell's protector God and is the ward mayor. He is the older brother of Yae Shinatsuhiko.


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Yūhi takes the form of a little boy of about thirteen years of age. He has gray hair with one strand of hair between his eyes. He has yellow eyes and a wide mouth. He is often seen with a cigarette in his mouth.

He wears a blue, middle school uniform. The top is a regular sailor's uniform, with white stripes and a light-blue bow. He also wears dark blue short pants. His boots are also dark blue and are high. On his head, he wears a dark blue hat.

In his adult form, Yuhi is much taller and wears a light suit with a tie.

Adult Yuhi


His personality is that of a perverted womanizer. Yae also refers to him as the "God of Women".


Yuhi was a land god for Sakurashinmachi for forty to fifty years before departing to explore the world. Yuhi creates Yae Shinatsuhiko as a parting gift to Natsufumi Hiizumi, to serve as a land goddess in his absence but Yae decides to travel with Yuhi instead.

At some point during their travels, Yuhi and Yae encountered a fallen blacksmith and exorcised him. As precaution, Yuhi sealed a sword forged by the blacksmith to prevent it from being sharpened.

Several centuries later, during the year 1638 of the Edo period of Japan, while wandering, Yuhi and Yae encountered V Calvani F and Mariabell and are able to defend them from pursuers. Yuhi and Yae decided to escort them to their destination of Sakurashinmachi. Along the way the group encountered Chiaki Hiizumi, whom they asked for directions. Upon returning to Sakurashinmachi along with Chiaki, a girl named Nana falls. Yuhi is forced to exorcise Nana himself upon learning of Chiaki's refusal to use Tuning. Later that night, Mariabell speaks with Yuhi upon the rooftops about him being a god and her an artificially undead human. Mariabell explains that without her father, that she slowly rot away with his care. During their conversation, she and Yuhi are ambushed by Akane the leader of their pursuers. After Akane kidnaps Mariabell, Calvani, Yae, Chiaki and Yuhi are captured as well. Yuhi offers Mariabell to continue living with him and becomes Mariabell's Guardian Deity, replenishing his god powers. Yuhi used his restored powers to save Mariabell and exorcise Akane. During the aftermath of the events, Yuhi created a nurse outfit for Akane who had decided to help Calvani as a yōkai doctor. Akane disliked the outfit and gave it to Mariabell, who would later pass it down to her descendants who moved to Sakurashinmachi as youkai doctors.

Yuhi, Mariabell and Yae picked up Juli at the airport when she first arrived in Japan. At the airport Juli to Yuhi not to treat her as a child, to which he responded by peaking under her skirt and stating she still a child. Juli threw Yuhi off of her and Yuhi introduced her to Machi Yarizakura. Upon hearing of their scuffle, Machi had the two spar with each other to let Juli vent anger.





Yae Shinatsuhiko


  • His hobby is making cosplay for Mariabell.
  • He likes food that is made of flour, Akiyuki Nosaka (a musician), Nasu Nakanishi (an entertainer) and Tetsu-chan (an Uchi-P member).
  • He is vulnerable to sunlight.