Yae Shinatsuhiko (士夏彦 八重, Shinatsuhiko Yae)is the Land Goddess and protector of Sakurashinmachi. She is the little sister of Yūhi Shinatsuhiko.


Wiki - Yae Character Art
Yae has a slim and attractive figure. She has light gray hair that is kept in a small braid on the left of her face. The braid is kept together by a cross-shaped pin. She has cross-shaped earrings. Her eyes are narrow and dark gold.

Yae wears typical nun-clothes, black and white, though she has a split in her dress, revealing a large part of her leg with black and white stockings.


Yae has an unhealthy obsession with teddy bears.

But really willing to help whenever the town is in trouble and sometimes actually seen disobeying to her brothers orders which was always to just watch and not to interfere


Yae is a land goddess created by Yuhi from a yaezakura, intended to be a parting gift for the Hiizumi Clan and watch over Sakurashinmachi. Upon her birth however, she decided to follow Yuhi instead which Natsufumi Hiizumi insisted as well.

At some point during their travels, Yae and Yuhi encountered a fallen blacksmith and exorcised him. As precaution, Yuhi sealed a sword forged by the blacksmith to prevent it from being sharpened.

Several centuries later, while wandering, Yae and Yuhi encountered V Calvani F and Mariabell and are able to defend them from pursuers. Yae and Yuhi decided to escort them to their destination of Sakurashinmachi. Along the way the group encountered Chiaki Hiizumi, whom they asked for directions. During their night at Sakurashinmachi the group along with many others are attacked and captured by Akane. Akane attempted to force Chiaki to cause the citizens to fall. Yae roots herself to Sakurashinmachi, becoming it's land goddess, and regained her power along with a new sword Spring Wind, which she used to protect the citizens. During the aftermath of the events, Yae takes Mariabell's old nun clothing for herself to wear.

At some point in time she met and befriended Tomoe.

Yae was responsible for sealing the powers of dragon yōkai such as Machi Yarizakura and Hime Yarizakura. When Hime became mayor, at her request Yae sealed them memories of the citizens of Hime being a yōkai.

Yae, Yuhi and Mariabell arrived to pick up Juli at an airport when she first arrived in Japan. Yae used her abilities to allow Juli to understand and communicate in Japanese.



  • Swordsmanship : Yae is shown to be skilled with her swords.