The second episode of Yoza-Quar!.


Akina sleepily heads to school and is greeted by Kyosuke. At the entrance of the school, Touka enforces school discipline to a crowd of students. Kyosuke explains that Touka was elected chairman of the Disciplinary board in first year, exclaiming how cool and “manly” he is. Touka points her shinai towards Akina for having his shirt unbuttoned. Akina’s nonchalant response prompts Touka to lift Akina by the caller. Akina falls over Touka, unbuttoning her shirt and revealing her sarashi covering her breasts, which he gropes as he falls. Touka blushes before punching Akina away. Kyosuke worries for Akina, while runs away to catch her breath before claiming she will confess to Akina.

Kotoha asks Hime what she thinks of the scenario to which she nods while eating ramen. Touka objects to the idea.

Characters in order of appearance

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