The third episode of Yoza-Quar!.


Akina wakes up in a hospital. Hime checks on Akina and explains that he was heavy to carry there. Akina comments on Hime being worried about him which she rejects. Movements are made beneath Akina’s blanket. Akina removes the blanket to find Juli whom breasts he has been groping. Akina ask why she had been sleeping there, to which she explains that she expected some girls to sleep there. Hime tells Juli to take her job more seriously and needing sleep from carrying Akina. Juli asks if that an invitation, exciting groping the air and drooling, which Hime rejects. Movements are made beneath another blanket which Hime uncovers to find Yae to her and Akina’s surprise. Yae states she is also a girl.

Juli draws out the scene, which Yae approves of. Hime disapproves of the idea.

Characters in order of appearance

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