The sixth and final episode of Yoza-Quar!.


Akina screams and falls on Kotha. Akina gets up and explains Touka had been hitting him. Kotoha states it is fine for her to be hitting him since she is the first person she has taken care of. Akina looks away to find Mariabell also present drinking tea and again to find Juli and Yae. Akina is surprised to find them all staying there. Kotoha brings to Akina’s attention that he had been accidentally groping her breast. Akina pulls himself away to find himself accidentally fondling Hime’s breasts. Hime punches Akina away.

Suzuhito draws and ask why not to include every for the end. Hime and Kotoha object. Hime and Kotoha state they need a better idea and suggest having Akina dress up as a girl.

Characters in order of appearance

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