This page serves as a basic styling guide for editing and creating articles.

Article Creation


  • Article titles should be written singular form, unless referring to a group of people such as [[Yōkai Hunters]]. Redirects for the plural spelling of articles is recommended.
  • Use official spellings of articles when possible.
    • Example: The official spelling of Juli is commonly miswritten as Juri.
  • The Japanese pronunciation of article titles is prioritized over the english translations.
    • Eg: Sakurashinmachi > Sakurashin Town, Nangou > Seven Pillars, Yōkai > Demons

Character Pages

  • When possible use official english spelling of names for articles.
  • Profile images should be taken from the manga and Tatsunoko anime adaptation if possible.
    • Try to keep other characters out of the image as much as possible.
  • Unnamed characters belong in the Unnamed Characters page.

Location Pages

  • Use official names when possible
  • If a location does not have an official name such as [[Juli's Hospital]], article may be named in a similar manner.

Article Content


  • Use Objective terminology when describing articles.
    • Incorrect: When fallen, Zakuro was evil.
      • Correct: When fallen, Zakuro was violent and possessive
  • Do not write articles using storytelling mannerism
    • Incorrect: Hifumi attacked the group, with her attacks growing louder and louder and LOUDER... until she had won.
      • Correct: Hifumi attacked the group, with her subsequent attacks becoming louder before finally defeating them.
  • No personal pronouns such as I, we, or second person pronouns such as you.
  • Articles synopsis/history should be written as if they are set in the Yozakura Quartet universe. Phrases such as "In XX episode" should be avoided.
  • Avoid using contraction
    • Example: Use was not instead of wasn't.
    • Use present tense unless describing past events such as flashbacks.
  • Wikify text where appropriate; i.e [[Tomoe]] will result in Tomoe.
    • Not every word in an article needs to be wikified; it is acceptable to simply wikify the first mention of a word in that section of the article.
    • Do not keep wikified text capitalized in the middle of a sentence unless it is a name or title.
  • Do not leave any links in URL form.
  • Do not post speculation.


  • The manga take priority in the canon and the articles should reflect such.
  • The Tatsunoko anime adaptation follows the manga with few notable changes
    • Actions in the anime are not considered canon unless reflected in the manga as well
    • Example: Eiji dodges Zakuro's attack in the manga while in the anime he uses an energy shield. The energy shield is not considered canon.
  • The 2008 anime by Nomad is its own continuity and is not considered canon.

Character Pages

  • Plot synopsis should focus of the character who is the subject of the article.
    • Example: Chapter X - At Kohime's party Hime started eating eggs while Ao slept.
      • For Ao's page: During Kohime's party, Ao slept.
      • For Hime's page: During Kohime's party Hime drunkenly ate eggs while crying.
  • Avoid using direct quotes in synopses, instead giving a summarized version of a characters speech.

Image/Video Uploads

  • Upload using the Special:Upload page.
  • No pornographic images or nudity.
  • Filenames should be relevant to what the image depicts.
  • Images to be used on articles should be from official source material.
    • Images from the official Japanese release take precedence over those from the official english release
    • In the event that original material is not available, edit out any fan-translated text.
    • Do not upload fanart with the intent of using them in articles. They may be used in User pages and should cite the artist if possible.
  • Fill out the summary field appropriately in the summary when uploading.
  • .PNG file are preferred over .JPG files.
  • Unused or superseded images will be deleted.
  • Mark images with proper licence tag.
  • Do not upload images with the same filenames with existing files unless you are uploading a high quality version of the same image.
  • Add image to their appropriate image galleries.
  • Do not upload videos containing full scenes from the anime.